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Embolden Professional Dayhome Community is Alberta’s first support network dedicated to improving the safety and quality of unlicensed child care through professional development opportunities, community support and credible resources.

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The Embolden PDC Directory is the first of its kind in Alberta! 

It is the only child care directory that features verified in-home child care programs, both unlicensed and licensed. Our Directory was created to help parents easily locate and connect with quality child care programs in their communities – no matter which type.

Our members-only directory makes it easy for parents to search for suitable in-home child care programs in their community knowing that each provider they connect with has met Embolden’s minimum standards for care.

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Criminal Record check

Clean Criminal Record Check for every adult in the home – renewed each year.



Clean Intervention Record Check from Children’s Services for every adult in the home – renewed each year.



Current and valid First Aid Certificate obtained from a reputable first aid trainer.

DIRECTORY Terminology

sample directory listings

Two Types of Dayhome Listings

A Verified Listing means that the dayhome professional has submitted their supporting documents for verification. Once reviewed, the member is given verified status. A verified member is identified by a blue check. Verified members unlock a full profile in the Embolden PDC Directory so that parents can view detailed information and connect with the provider to learn more about their program.

Members who have not yet submitted their documents for verification will show a limited profile without the ability for parents to connect with them. Once members have submitted their supporting documents for review their profile will be switched to verified. 

It is important to note that DOCUMENTS NOT YET SUBMITTED does not necessarily mean the dayhome professional does not hold these documents – it simply means they have not submitted them to Embolden PDC. 

Embolden PDC Membership Types

Standard Membership is the first level of membership within Embolden PDC. 

Standard Membership gives dayhome professionals access to a basic suite of resources inside the Embolden PDC Portal as well as access to the Embolden PDC Directory. 

VIP Membership is our full service offering and the highest level of membership available inside Embolden PDC. 

VIP members gain access to the entire Embolden PDC Portal where they can access a wealth of resources and support to help then run their dayhome business. 

VIP members have access to a full suite of previously recorded professional development and comprehensive courses to help with continuous growth and career development. VIP members are typically highly engaged in our community.