car seat safety

Help make sure your child is properly buckled in for transportation with their dayhome provider.

We are so fortunate to have had Car Seat Cubs come in to do a virtual Car Seat Training Session for Embolden PDC. This session was open to both providers and parents and was incredibly informative. 

Did you know that your dayhome provider is solely responsible for ensuring that all car seats are installed & used correctly in their vehicle? Yup! This is why it’s so important to understand the car seat laws in Alberta and to be certain that your provider does too.


Your provider may have a car seat waiver form that you’ll sign to approve the use of a certain car seat in the provider’s vehicle. You’ll want to research the type of vehicle the provider has and the seat they will be using to ensure it meets not only Alberta Law but also best practices for car seat use. 

Lindsay from Car Seat Cubs is a registered Car Seat Tech and is extremely knowledgeable on everything car seats. You can schedule time with Lindsay to discuss all of your car seat needs including proper installation, how to choose the right seat, proper vehicle seat configurations and more. Reach out to Lindsay anytime to get help either virtually on Zoom or through text.

Car Seat Safety Package